Hippie Birthday Tie-Dyed Card

I love tie-dye.

Really, I think there is something so fun about tie-dyed prints. It’s vibrant and always gives me a sense of joy.

Now, you’ve already seen the picture of the card, and it is by no means an accurate depiction of tie-dye, but I was still happy with the results!

To make this tie-dye background, I cut out 5 scalloped circles with my Cricut (1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ & 5″ in diameter). I also kept the negative of the cut scalloped circles to really control where my ink was going.

I used the following Distress Oxide Ink colors to make this card happen (from the outside moving in):

  1. Seedless Preserves
  2. Salty Ocean
  3. Twisted Citron
  4. Squeezed Lemonade
  5. Spiced Marmalade
  6. Picked Raspberry

To make the outermost ring of color, I placed the 5″ scalloped circle in the middle of the card, and worked the Seedless Preserves Ink around the die and to the edges of the card.

To move on to the next color, I used the 5″ scalloped circle negative and placed it exactly on top of the Seedless Preserves inked section, and then placed the 4″ scalloped die inside. For each color, I keep going down 1 size in each die and negative, until it’s time to add the Picked Raspberry, the last color, which I use only the negative.

To finish this background off, I spritzed some water over the card to add some distressed spots.

I used foam tape to add the groovy girl from the Kindred Stamps “Peace and Love” set and sentiment banner to the card.

I paired the card with a Paper Source Sunshine A2 Envelope with this awesome flowery guitar liner from paper that I found in my stash (pretty sure I got it at Joann’s, but I rarely keep track of where my paper comes from unless it’s part of a paper pack/bundle).

I also wanted to add a few more bits of flair, so I went into my sequin stash and found a few colors that echoed the colors in the tie-dye! I was extremely proud of myself for restraining sequin-overuse (seriously, I made a card once that I added over 20 sequins to and it was overkill).

And that’s how I got to my end product!

Do you have any techniques for making a tie-dye pattern? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to learn new ways!

Happy Crafting!

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